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My name is Karen Emmet

I love helping people feel so comfortable in their own homes that they find themselves realizing their dreams and aspiring to attain new heights.

My philosophy is that who you are on the inside should reflect on the outside. Everyone has their own unique sense of space, design, and identity and it's my job to tap into yours to let it shine through. My gift is aligning light, color, textures, and objects with carefully arranged furnishings to create a calm, yet invigorating home. I can also help you let things go that are no longer serving you.


Along the journey I have also gained experience helping people liquidate no longer wanted earthly possessions. As a result I am expert at handling estate sales, whether for those looking to downsize or for loved ones who have departed.


Please contact me to discuss how I might be able to assist you with your space or the sales of furnishings, antiques, jewelry, and all the other things you may not need in the service of home living.

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