What Are Your Intentions?


What are your dreams? Your desires? 

Your aspirations?

That is what Your Intention Box aims to uncover and beautifully display for you to see and feel every day.


Your Intention Box is a touchstone that brings you back to center and keeps you focused on  your goals — a symbolic manifestation  of what it is that makes you tick. Why you do what you do. What makes you, you.

Over the course of working with hundreds of homeowners, I uncovered a need that many of my clients share:  A visual, physical creation that serves as a touchstone to help them continue to create the life they want for themselves.


I call them "Intention Boxes" and I would love to make one for you. My own intention is that I leave you so happy and in love with your house,  that all else in life will come just a little bit, if not a lot, easier for you.


Your Intention Box symbolizes what you seek in life. Inspired by you, it serves as  a gentle reminder to keep you headed in the direction you want to go and not let anything get in your way.


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