Home Organization

Wooden Furnitures

Getting organized can be a challenge. Whether you're planning to downsize, kids have left home, or your lifestyle has changed, knowing “what goes & what stays” keeps you from wanting to tackle the task at all. My clients all talk about the feeling of being “overwhelmed with clutter and stuff.” Lucky for you, we are your best antidote for that! 


We Make Sense of the Chaos! — It’s so important  you are “in love” with your living space!  With a fresh eye coupled with my design experience we can place, re-arrange, simplify, group, and transform your current furnishings and decor into an entire new and fresh living space you are happy to call home


We work hand-in-hand with you to draw a line in the sand of what does and what does not serve you in your current lifestyle. Much easier and lighter to create a space that you'll love while creating balance and giving your new home a face lift and new design. My Feng Shui background comes into play to create and edit your design for balanced energy and living. 


Together we will make your home an organized, nicely spaced, easy to navigate living space devoid of clutter. How about a home that inspires, energizes, and relaxes you? Why not let me create a joyful place that you are proud to call home. With new rearranging from the “Inside Out” complemented by a few new color accents, your whole living environment can benefit from change. Allow me to show how I can change “your old things” to something new and fresh again. You won’t believe how transformed your home will look using your same furnishings with a fresh outlook!

Contact me today and let’s make an appointment to walk with you through your home and excite you as to what we can do!